The Challenge

Develop an ongoing series of art prints that showcases some of the most popular and iconic destinations in a new and exciting manner.

The Solution

Sometimes, all it takes is changing one’s perspective to create a new vision. Using panoramic photography to create tiny planets in our Disney Galaxy series of prints.

Immersive Photography

Real Places, Imagined Spaces

Encapsulating the magical destinations in one key image, unlike any other destination tourism photography before.

Work Breakdown

So just what does creating images like these entail? First and foremost is coming up with seamless shots.

This involves a lot of scouting location and waiting…for the right time to take the shots. In all it takes at least 10 shots, oftentimes more, to create the equirectangular projection which is the base of the image.

Once shot, the rest of the work is all done on the Mac through a combination of different apps and approaches in order to achieve the final look.


All of these images start out as an idea on paper and pencil in my sketchbook. With a detailed knowledge of the destination, I am better prepared to capture the images necessary while on location.


Taking time to compose the images necessary for the final composition often requires patience. Waiting for the right light and unobstructed views of the subject insure smooth post-production.


The process of retouching and manipulating the images is an iterative process that can take several sessions to create a final print.

Completed Image

Once the stereographic projection is created, the final image is once again retouched and finalized for the art print.

The goal of this project is to take something that is so well-known to most people and provide a new perspective on viewing these familiar spaces. The project began as a Disney-specific project but has quickly grown beyond the borders of anyone destination and become a Destination Galaxy that, like our own, will continue to expand over time.