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John Carpenter’s Halloween Art Book

An Illustrated Celebration of the Night He Came Home

Licensed illustration of Michael Myers for Printed in Blood's artbook celebrating John Carpenter's Halloween.

Alternative poster for John Carpenter’s Halloween, inspired by Henri Magritte

Halloween is a 1978 horror film directed and co-written by John Carpenter. The film stars Jamie Lee Curtis in her film debut as Laurie Strode, and Donald Pleasence as Dr. Sam Loomis.

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The film takes place in the fictional town of Haddonfield, Illinois on Halloween night in 1963. A young boy, Michael Myers, murders his sister, and is institutionalized for 15 years. On the night before Halloween in 1978, he escapes and returns to his hometown where he starts stalking and killing teenagers and young adults.

The main premise of the film is the story of Michael Myers, a seemingly unstoppable and unkillable force, who stalks and kills a group of teenagers, including Laurie Strode, and the efforts of Dr. Loomis, Michael’s psychiatrist, to track and stop him. The film also explores themes of trauma, the consequences of violence, and the nature of evil.

The film was a commercial success and has become a cult classic. It has since spawned several sequels, a 2018 reboot, and numerous merchandise and adaptations. It is considered a seminal work in the slasher genre and has been highly influential in popular culture.

Rejected concept illustration for the John Carpenter's Halloween Artbook by Printed in Blood.

Rejected alternative poster for John Carpenter’s Halloween

The second image was another concept that I submitted for the project and was rejected by the licensor. Despite that, I still think it is a fine alternative movie poster for one of my favorite horror films.

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