Alternative poster for "Lessons in Chemistry" on AppleTV

Yesterday, I posted about one of AppleTV’s great newer series, “Lessons in Chemistry”. I had some initial ideas for alternative posters for the show, but went with my first sketch to share in that post. And I totally skipped the great opportunities to include a periodic element to the poster design. 

Alternative poster for "Lessons in Chemistry" on AppleTV

After some more sketching, I enhanced that first poster as well as expanded the concept to resolve on a single portrait, supported by the star of that episode; which would appear to mean that I have 7 more illustrations to complete for this seires. It also goes to show you that sometimes creative endeavors need to percolate.

Well, I hope you will follow along for all of our current and future projects here and our on our socials, below.

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John McClane

Portrait of the great Bruce Willis in his iconic role as John McClane in John McTiernan’s 1988 action classic, “Die Hard”.

Eccentric Iterations

Iterating one of the latest projects on the drawing board. A font derived from the posters of the early 20th Century – Eccentric Display. Also resurrected an alternate typeface specimen sheet for this post.


Eccentric Display is a decorative display font based on typography from the Parisian posters of the early 20th Century.

Dark Superman

While waiting for James Gunn’s version of Supes, revisited the classic Christopher Reeve as the evil, or Dark Superman, from the 3rd film.

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