Lydia Mono font character sheet

I was listening to the Design Better Podcast with Jonathan Hoefler yesterday while I worked on this new font and he mentioned some things about uniqueness to some typefaces that made me rethink some of the options for this new font. I had been working through the supposition that the newly design lower case characters should be traditionally created – meaning smaller scale. Yet, as I listened to the podcast, I thought that for this, more handcrafted font, perhaps creating a mono height version might be appropriate to our intent with this font. 

Lydia Regular character set

The upper case remains the same between the Regular and Mono versions, but the lower case is where the changes occur. The height of all these characters remain the same, despite the forms being presented in a traditional manner. 

Sample typeset with Lydia Mono

Typesetting each of these faces in a standard block of text shows that they are both fairly easy to read, but I think the mono version, especially at a smaller size, is easier to read and retains the hand-crafted intentions of our updated design. 

Sample typeset with Lydia Regular

Feel free to share your thoughts and opinions on these faces, or any other project you may see here or on our social channels, below.

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John McClane

Portrait of the great Bruce Willis in his iconic role as John McClane in John McTiernan’s 1988 action classic, “Die Hard”.

Eccentric Iterations

Iterating one of the latest projects on the drawing board. A font derived from the posters of the early 20th Century – Eccentric Display. Also resurrected an alternate typeface specimen sheet for this post.


Eccentric Display is a decorative display font based on typography from the Parisian posters of the early 20th Century.

Dark Superman

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