A test of our new display font-in-progress, Lydia. Lydia is a sans serif display font derived from a sign painter’s sample sheet from the early 20th Century and we are projecting a release date towards the end of March, 2024…if all goes as planned.

The quick brown foxes jumped over the lazy dogs, sir!

Lydia, a sans serif display family

Experiment with the font using the controls below.

The quick brown foxes jumped over the lazy dogs. But, you can enter your own text to test the font.

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Batman, Samurai

Illustration of an alternate reality Batman; dressed as a traditional Samurai warrior. With the popularity of Shogun streaming now, I wanted to revisit an earlier version of this treatment with a bit more natural media feel to the piece.  Follow along here and our...

May 21

It was 36 years ago today, that I walked across the stage, what is now Miller Theater, and received my diploma as a member of the first graduation class of The University of the Arts. I had entered the Philadelphia College of Art (PCA) and during my time in Philly,...

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Portrait of the great Bruce Willis in his iconic role as John McClane in John McTiernan’s 1988 action classic, “Die Hard”.

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