Continued experimentation with the latest Adobe Aero build and repurposing an older illustration of Iron Man. Building on yesterday’s test in experimental dimensional portraiture, I thought I would move onto another existing animation and breathe some new life into it using augmented reality (AR) with this tool.

Repurposing an old illustration of the Iron Man suit as the basis for this dimensional portrait,

Iron Man suit illustration

…and a standard Joker playing card as the target for the experience:

Iron Man Aero experiment target image

If you want to view this on your own device, click here or scan the QR code below:

Iron Man AR QR code

Refining the layers in Photoshop seems to be a key step in building a responsive experience. Ensuring that the image is just the right size, and not too large, allows the Aero viewer to perform much better in displaying the AR image.

For example, the Space Mountain badge was 3000 pixels square, which is far too large for its intended use; whereas today’s example image was reduced to 480X701 pixels. The experience loads faster and appears to work much more smoothly than one using the larger image file. I will continue to experiment with this tool and share results here as well as on LinkedIn and Instagram pages.

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