Interior of the Bell Works space in Holmdel, NJ

I had the privilege to work out of the legendary Bell Labs campus, now the Bell Works, in Holmdel, NJ this past week. 

Exterior spaces at the Bell Works in Holmdel, NJ

I grew up near this facility and it was an incredibly secret campus with a strict no-trespassing policy. As kids if we even tried to cut across the massive campus on our bikes, the security was quickly dispatched to escort us off their property. 

Interior of the Bell Works space in Holmdel, NJ

So, it seems entirely fitting that this beautiful building, designed by the great Eero Saarinen, has been used as the corporate office of the Lumon Corporation in AppleTV’s great series Severance.

Despite the nefarious intentions of the Lumon Corporation in the series, the actual Bell Works Campus is light, airy, filled with a lively mix of children and locals in a centerpiece to the town. It is also home to numerous start up technology companies and established companies who have saved a landmark building and converted it into a beautiful space. It was a great thrill to finally see inside of the building and spend some time in a space that was everpresent throughout my childhood. 

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