Alternate version of portrait of Stan Lee (dark background).

Celebrating the birth of one of my childhood heroes and an artist and savvy businessman who changed comics and popular culture; Mr. Stan Lee born this day, December 28, 1922.

Born Stanley Lieber who started working at Timely Comics, which evolved into Marvel Comics where his role expanded to lead the creative for much of my childhood. Although many claim he created many of the popular characters, he did not, he did have a vision for what the medium was capable of achieving and spent his life in that pursuit. 

Many folks are aptly responsible for his success (e.g., Steve Ditko, Jack Kirby, John Romita Sr., Don Heck, Bill Everett, Joe Maneely, Dick Ayers, Joe Simon, et. al.) as much as was his drive to succeed throughout his career. 

I spent a large part of my life enjoying Marvel Comics and it was as much the impetus for my career choice as was my classical training and I will toast Stan tonight in thanks. EXCELSIOR!

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