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flat donald, revised

flat donald, revised

distilled the look and feel of the illustration down a bit more to its core essence, so it would match more of the flat mickey illustration.

flat v.i.p.s

flat v.i.p.s

playing around a bit with the new ios flat-ness and some of my favorite characters.    

ios 7

just back from apple's wwdc. spent an amazing week learning about lots of new technologies, meeting great new people and discussing projects with apple's engineers. i have also been using the beta release ios7 since it was made available. during that time i have also...

wwdc 2013

after an incredibly long delay at MCO this morning, i finally made it to san francisco for tomorrow's start of wwdc 2013. this is my first time back since tim cook took over and i am looking forward to the keynote and a week of learning new things. this evening i...