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as a diversion to some particularly intense coding as of late, i decided to play around with the designomatt logo. there has been a few ideas kicking around, but i chose the old letterman version of the logo; since it is world series season and our

ios web keyboards

as you develop for ios devices on the web, you can customize your web forms to use appropriate keyboards per user’s task. just alter the input type to access these keyboards: input type=”text” input type=”tel” input type=”num”...

evolving design

a female counterpart in a series of icons in development for use amongst some of my applications and web properties. want her to be smiling, but also want the classic sweetheart lips to emphasize her femininity. 

distress imagery

often times we are called to create imagery that reflects a specified tone or incorporates certain imagery to coincide with other marketing efforts for our clients. adding a sense of realism to a logo on a wall, or aging a icon on a t-shirt adds that sense of...