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designoMatt¬†develops destinations (applications, websites, microsites, event sites, email marketing, etc.) for companies that are looking to leverage intelligent design with social media in today’s competitive marketplace. we utilize traditional design, interactive programming, social media and other avenues appropriate to deliver your message to the designated market(s). we work with clients who are internationally recognized as well as just opened up down the street and are eager to work with your company as well.


interactive media and entertainment have finally converged in ways both expected and unexpected. there are traditional models that can extend into this new media but there are also opportunities for an entirely set of new models to leverage the new media. having participated in this digital conversion from the beginning allows a greater understanding of how best to merge the old school with the new age.


we have been in the interactive business as long as it has been a commercial endeavor. with experience dealing in large-scale multi-million dollar web site development all the way down to pro-bono work for our local community we have dedicated ourselves to delivering the finest creative solution to your business needs, and we know our experience can help your business grow.

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welcome foolish mortals

recently, an old college friend of mine has gotten me back into a few gallery shows out in california. they are usually part of a larger group showing and revolve around things that i love, pop culture. recently i was invited to participate in their halloween show and...

new iPhone screen sizes

well, the announcement came and went and lots of folks are busy pontificating how the new products apple announced will perform. one of the things i took note of from the presentation is the new screen sizes and what that means for developers. above, is...

cap alphabet

cap alphabet

in between projects, tutorials and sales efforts it is always good to unwind with a creative endeavor. it provides me an easy way to clear my mind and encourage unrestrained creativity. i started this alphabet with an idea to do a different letterform for a different...



as with any project, during the overhaul of our own site we had to decide how to present our work. one of the concepts that we used was layers of screens and interfaces that hearkens to our application development. which lead us to think, what would an illustration...

stanford ios 7 course online

for anyone looking to learn about developing ios apps, stanford university's great course is now online at itunes. this is one of the best introductions to ios programming you will find and it is made freely available.

elements of magic

elements of magic

we have recently completed a long-term project and published our first book entitled, elements of magic: the interactive guidebook to disney's magic kingdom, and it is now available on the iBookstore.   the book covers a brief history of disneyland, and showcases...

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