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just back from apple’s wwdc. spent an amazing week learning about lots of new technologies, meeting great new people and discussing projects with apple’s engineers.

i have also been using the beta release ios7 since it was made available. during that time i have also been reading lots of comments from all over the interwebs about impending doom of apple due to this version of the ios.

now i have been working on the mac platform since it began, which coincides with the fact that apple has been going out of business since 1984; if you listened to the echo-chamber.

i am hearing a lot of that in regards to this release and the update to the ios and how this will finally cause apple’s demise. connerie.

change is oftentimes hard for some people and as is often the case you hear those who shout the loudest. the loudest voices i have heard this past week are those that absolutely hate this release. after using it for about a week, i can only gather that these folks do not have access to the software and are not in a position to use it on a daily basis.

i have been using it on a daily basis and truly like this update to the system. my opinions are based on the evolution of the design and the minimalist approach taken with the system; not the new language of app icons on the home screen, nor the absence of the venerated back button, nor for the newly design system icons (which i dislike) but for releasing the content to the viewer from the constraints of the operating system.

i am a story guy. i think the best creative solutions provide a story that enchants and engages with the consumer, compelling them to whatever action the business requires. in using this software extensively over the past week, this is what stands out to me about ios7. this version of the software puts the content in front of the user and the iphone’s interface in the background. it presents what i am  most interested in at the moment (i.e. browsing websites, taking photos, messaging, etc.) and really highlights those tasks with minimal interference from the system ios.

i think this is the big takeaway about the update and that is what i have learned from using ios7. i am looking forward to the updates as apple marches towards gold refining the version along the way.