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as a diversion to some particularly intense coding as of late, i decided to play around with the designomatt logo. there has been a few ideas kicking around, but i chose the old letterman version of the logo; since it is world series season and our logo has the baseball feel.

first was the illustrator file manipulation. adding stitching and multiple levels of the felt. overall, there were four layers for this illustration.

next came the export to photoshop and the start of the fun. below is the detail of the layered photoshop export.

the first item was the inner felt stitching. getting the basic feel for the core of the stitching over a light background.

tweaking the highlights and soft shadows of the stitching came next.

the next step was the inner felt’s shape and it’s drop-shadow on the outer felt.

in order to give some depth, with highlights and lowlights, we needed to add some texture. adding a soft felt texture provided a nice base to add some depth at this stage.

next was adding the outer felt.

this gave the appropriate weight to the logo, but there are still some details to add to the area like the outer felt’s drop-shadow.

now comes the out-felt’s stitching.

since the outer felt is such a dark color, the stitching’s drop-shadow are not as evident as the inner-felt’s details. regardless, they are added to provide the appropriate feel to the piece.

finally, we add the felt background.

there is more refinement during the steps than detailed here, but this is a broad overview on the illustration. you can find a complete version of the piece here, as well as discussion about the concept on dribbble and forrst.