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took the new iphone out this past saturday as we wandered around epcot. purposefully trying to use the video camera in the way most people will attempt to record footage, i was surprised at the quality of the results. i have a host of different video cameras, from large traditional taped-based recorders to small handheld digital recorders, and i have to admit the quality of the iphone eliminates the needs of carrying around my flip or kodak.

the video above was not only shot on the iphone, but also edited with apple’s new imovie for the iphone software. the software comes with some pre-packaged themes, that have openers, lower thirds and closing screens, and creates a fairly robust mobile studio that fits in your pocket. needless to say, i am very impressed with the overall quality and ease with which you can create hd content on the go.

i am not sure if you can create your own themes that you can use in imovie, but i would expect some resourceful folks to hack into the workings and showcase a manner with which to do just that.

overall, the phone has some amazing features and allows you to leave some of your other camera and recording equipment home if you wish to travel lightly.