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working with some friends and colleagues, who had a need to get a website together quickly (as is so often the case) i am often called upon as the subject matter expert on all things interactive. business plans may still be in formulation, but companies need to get their message online quickly for various reasons. sometimes those reasons are artificial, other times they are legitimate business requirements for the marketplace.

so how do you get a site together quickly and professionally today? two words – tumblr + posterous. these services offer similar products for the individual and business looking to have a socially connect site up that enhances a business.

these sites both offer a simple interface for getting online, either through their own url scheme or using your own domain name, and should be considered as an outlet for anyone in the market for a site today. you sign up (for free), enter your information and you are good to go. both offer the connections to the important social outlets as well as ease the incorporation of rich media to convey your company’s message.

for the experienced developer, they also offer the ability to customize the presentation that can work with existing brand standards. regardless of using their canned themes or developing your own design, tumblr and posterous are invaluable in today’s dynamic economy.