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been working with some different iphone frameworks for webapps. there are a few and they all have some good points, but none that fit the bill in being all things…yet. the one i played around the most with this past weekend is jqtouch as i worked on a quick web-app to highlight some of the features of the 2009 epcot international food & wine festival.

some of the other frameworks i have found are:

all in all, it is good to see so much interest in the web app space of developing for the iphone. some of these are a bit more robust (read:cappuccino) and am not really sure if they are worth the level of effort required to learn; would be easier to build full application in xcode.

i plan on exploring some of these more and seeing how valuable they may be in the longer term of developing client products. i have already been able to incorporate a couple of items of interest (inclusion of blog content) into the guide using jqtouch and will focus on that framework for some more enhancements.

if you are interested in deploying some web apps, these may be of use to your project…